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EBC Riders to Ambon-Ambon Falls

Very early Friday morning, the EBC Riders assembled at the church yard to go on a weekend ride to Pangil, Laguna. We’ve been to these parts many times before but today our destination is a new place for most of us.

Bong Prado briefed the pack as with the standard hand signals and stuff. We had several newcomers, thanks to Philip and Ramil for inviting these men to join our nth Road Trip to the countryside. After a word of prayer, we were on the road.

Efren Cruz became our gang, este group leader 🙂 and set the pace of our journey. (Whew, I missed the speed trip on the straight stretch of road on two or three places. This time, we maintained a safe speed.)

After a quick breakfast on the road, we continued our journey and in a few minutes we turned on a corner and a few meters ahead were on our venue.

We settled on a nipa cottage and put on more comfortable gear as we got ready for the Ambon-Ambon Falls trek. Before heading on, Bong Prado shared a short meditation from the Word of God. And we were reminded that we are–just as we traveled to Ambon-Ambon–all travelling towards a destination. And that we had to choose which road to travel on. We whispered a prayer that the short message speak to our new co-riders and touch their hearts into knowing the Lord personally.

Some of our companions preferred to stay behind and look for our belongings and help in the food preps. We were accompanied by four tour guides. We later learned that only 6 or 7 peeps can ride the bamboo balsas on the way to the falls. There were about 3 or 4 balsas to be ridden one after the other as the route narrows and widens. When the river narrows, we had to alight and walk towards the next balsa to be brought to the next stop/s.

After a few minutes of walking, riding a balsa, walking, riding a balsa, not sure anymore  whether there were 3 or 4 rides in all, we were greeted by the wonderful falls. And the splendid falls paid up for our efforts.

The falls earned its name (Ambon-Ambon or drizzles) for the light mist that surrounds the waterfall as water cascades eternally, falling on staggered canopies of massive slabs of stones and vegetation. And there was a small snake (gulp) on the cave-like wall near the mouth of the river. Without saying it, I had a slight apprehension as it slowly crawls on its belly on the wall slope.

What was so good about this falls is that one can actually stand or sit at its bottom and be subject to its gentle force. Current can sweep you away but with  some minor effort, you can even sit on the stones where the water directly plummets. I took the pleasure of staying long under the falls and it felt like being massaged good all over.

A funny thing happened with the snake. The snake! Is there anything funny about snakes? Well, there was that day. Everybody forgot about the snake which was about half inch thick and a foot long until it fell from the wall and Bong Macayan almost stepped on it. In his surprise that he was inches away from it I guess, he kicked the water and the snake was hurled at our direction. There were shouts and my early “snake concern” made my mind say, “I knew it!” -or something to that effect.

We were all brave souls alright. We even look with concern to our lady companion who was trashing the water in an attempt to escape the equally disoriented little snakey 🙂 The attempt to escape was foiled by the river’s slippery edge and the lady slid back to the water, further disorienting the hapless snake.

The tide turned against Aerol and me. The snake by this time was headed in our direction. Aerol was quicker to have climbed the large rock while the snake and me played  Patintero (well, it looks it) for a few seconds. Our tour guide assured me it doesn’t bite, but did it matter to me? Luckily it did. I calmed down, he grabbed the snake near the head and threw it back on the wall. “Bantay yan dito,” (That snake stands guard on this falls), for whatever it meant. 🙂

After laughing the incident off, we went back to enjoying this wonderful piece of God’s creation. Yes, the experience was not devoid of adventure. I belonged to the very first batch of 7 to reach the river’s mouth, but as we left the area, I was with the last group of about 9. We had with us a camera or two, and we being more than 6, were in danger of sinking with our cameras. There were bouts of funny panic streaks as we were near capsizing each time we ride the balsas. Thank goodness, our guides managed to keep us afloat by telling us what to do as our boat keeps tilting leftward, then vice versa.

As we went back, a new group of thrill seekers were walking in the opposite direction. Kidding, we told them there is a snake on the falls 🙂

We had  sumptous pork sinigang and pork barbecue with steaming rice for lunch and a long tambayan time afterwards. Then after clean up, we were on the road “back to civilization.” But we passed by Archie’s relatives in Fami. We were again refreshed with some merienda: Buko! and even said a prayer for Lola Mameng who has been recuperating in a hospital. Archie’s lolo and Anding, his apo rode with Ramil on his van to visit Lola Mameng.

We had a speedier ride back home, and it was all good. By the time we reached Tikling, each of us went his own way home.

What a day. We thank God for a safe and fun road trip to Pangil. Till next time, Road Trippers.

Praise the Lord! (“,)/

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