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MOMS & DADS Retreat


EBC Bids Summer Goodbye

The EBC Family had an awesome time at KC Resort yesterday. Such a  fun way of saying “Adieu!” to the summer. We thank the Lord for a wonderful Summer Moves 2012! Praise Him!

EBC Summer Culminates/ It’s Back to School

The EBC Summer Moves culminates as School Year opens this month. It’s back to school, kids. Have a blast.

Halfway through EBC Summer

EBC Summer Moves 2012

This is our Summer Moves Banner, designed by our co-admin Gale Letana.

Worship, 29 May 2012

We praise and thank the Lord for our series of successful summer events. Thanks also to everyone who volunteered to help out.

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The Lord Blesses Us with a New Portable Grand!

We thank and praise the Lord for our brand-new Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-530. We raised funds via our Christmas Caroling 2011 and our brethren and friends willingly invited us into their homes and supported our choir’s project. We are so blessed that some of our brethren gave selflessly and abundantly. It is with great joy that after more than three months since we reserved at Yamaha, the DGX-350 is finally here with us. Thank you, brethren for again being part of the answers. The Lord will surely bless you more.

Yamaha DGX-530

And we would like to thank our brother, AerolZap for the many many months he lent his synthesizer Yamaha DGX-505 (if I’m not mistaken), just as awesome as our new baby here. Thank you, Bro.

And bro. Ramil Santillan too, for fetching & driving our synthesizer home. God bless you.

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