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Choir Sunday @EBC

Today, the BBS&I Heralds Men’s Ensemble is joining the EBC Family & Salmo Chorale in worship. Thank you, Heralds. 🙂

June 2011

#On this day, our Salmo Chorale sings a full length concert

at Greenhills Christian Fellowship  East, Ortigas Ave.


Here is our June 19 Bulletin.

June 26…

May 2011

Exultate! Chorale Fest

A Wacky Pic After the Singing

The remnants (temporarily) of the Salmo Chorale joined the Manila Baptist Church Hymn Festival 22 August 2010, 7PM. It was a great experience for the Salmo Chorale newbies, to say the least.

A month before, MBC sent an invite for our choir to join “Exultate!” A Hymn Festival. It was scheduled on a good date and there seemed to be no problem.

Well, surprise, surprise! When you thought everything’s ok… 🙂 The Festival date was moved to the 22nd of August and coincided with the Young Adults’ Cebu Trip, and it happened that most of those flying to Cebu are group leaders in the choir and most of those remaining are what I call “Salmo Babies.”  I’ve decided against pursuing the joining, but most of the remaining singers were all for it.

So , despite my irreversible (sic) decision not to join anymore, guess what, I gave in and even sang with them in the chorus so I could sing beside some of them and assist in the singing.

The day before was the Grand Rehearsal, and boy, what a long day it was. It took about ten hours. I guess the organizer could have done better at planning the event, just my opinion here; but my Salmo babies enjoyed somehow; and I guess it is enough for me to just shrug it off.

But everything’s worth it. We were privileged to sing with about four other choirs. And my Salmo Chorale had their fill for the longing to join events like this one. If only for that, I am happy.

The event itself was awesome, especially each time the combined choirs sing the hymns. There were narrations about how each hymn came into being; on how the songs were written out of the author’s personal circumstances. Reverend Fidel spoke on why the hymns are essential parts of worship. One of those is that, the majority of the hymn writers are theologians. And this fact spells the difference between all other gospel genre.

We were individually blessed by the experience; singers and audience alike. And this involvement is definitely one of the highlights in Salmo Chorale’s growth. Thank God.

For some more post-concert pics, click here.

For the concert pics, click here.

Praise God for “Sa Yahweh” Concert Success

Yahweh Poster copy

Praise God! The concert was a success. I may be a bit biased here, being its director but there are people who can testify that it was one music event worth their time. So we give back the glory to our Lord and we laud the team spirit of the EBC family.

Our gratitude goes to the people who attended the occasion in spite of the rainy weather. The earliest of which came in a jeep-load and they were an hour early. We were vocalizing when I saw a jeepney arrive at the gate. They turned out to be brethren from Acropolis, Libis, led by the Vencer siblings, Raymond and Orville. Early birds, eh.

We managed to start on the dot!! At exactly 7:00, the music started and the choir entered the stage.  Was that neat or what?  I was just so glad that we did not miss the mark of observing the time.

For your viewing, (and for the credits) I am posting herewith the programme. And if you missed the event, please find the URL’s here for you to view song clips courtesy of Kuya Nelson Badar (our official videographer) at Jek Letana’s  YouTube account. But of course seeing and hearing them performed live would have been a lot better than watching these clips. But since you missed it, this is your best option to witness it. 🙂

Yahweh Prog1copy

Yahweh Credits

I laud EBC family’s “esprit-de-corps,” so to speak. People were so cooperative and willing to do chores for the event. Credits were printed on the bulletin, but to tell you, there are a lot more people who worked behind the scene with them. To the unaccounted-for folks, my sincerest thanks.

But of course, our greatest gratitude is to the One whom all these were dedicated to. We are worthless vesels picked up by Him, washed and prepared for His ministry. To the Lord be the highest praise!

Yahweh Prog2.jpg

Sa Yahweh ang Papuri!!

Watch some clips from this concert here.

Sa Yahweh Concert

Yahweh Poster copy

In behalf of EBC, I am cordially inviting everyone to come and join us as we, the EBC SALMO Chorale sings the Lord’s praises among others.
This will be a 3-part concert, we’ll be singing English praise songs for our Lord on the first part; on the second part we’re singing some lovable Filipino folk songs (some of which we rarely hear being sung). And on the final part, we sing all-Pilipino Christian music.
Come and let us praise the Lord together. See you!

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