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Worship 07 July 2012

July is Prayer Month

Oops, the article from last month’s Doctrine theme just got concluded here. Actually, I condensed it a lot; and I encourage you to read the article in full at Please click here to read it. It’s rainy season; keep yourselves dry. God bless.

EBC Gives Thanks

Prayer for the Philippines

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” -Phil. 4:6

Our church theme for the month of November was Prayer. On the final Sunday night, we had our Midnight Prayer meeting in place of our usual Vesper. It naturally geared towards thanksgiving. It was a very relaxed evening (we had all the time since it had to last till midnight). Events like these are very conducive to really go into the depths of details and to savor every bit of blessing as moments pass slowly.

Songs were sung, led by brother Lance. The night was planned to cover every facet of the sphere of the EBC family. Although this time, the route started from outer space so to speak.  😉

Elem and Jeda, our mass media ladies, armed with Google Earth searched for this planet (really) and  accidentally dove right in and zeroed in on the Philippines. But Lance remarked that they went past the first stop; so they zoomed out and hovered (for the second time) upon the planet, never mind the fiery reentry later, I thought.  😉

So we prayed for the vast concerns of the planet: physical, cultural, economic, political, and spiritual.

Afterwards, a call was given by Lance for testimonies. And several persons, including yours truly did not waste much time to take the mike and share our minds and our hearts’ content.  Kuya Nani, Bro. Ramil, and me grabbed the opportunity to spill out our welling hearts. I even remarked I may be speaking a lot longer with the consent of Pastor Roi (and got an affirmative nod) since we had a long night ahead of us. But of course, in the back of my mind, I would rather not bore people into too much detail so I barely scratched the surface of my heaps of blessings. Then, back on my seat, I knew I missed sharing a lot of other great blessings. But there will always be opportunities coming up later anyway. Next time I will start off by thanking quite a number of individuals inside EBC who became channels of blessings to me personally.

The night was young and at this point we prayed for special concerns. I remembered our group, the PSALMS  (Young Professionals) converged at the admin office and prayed for Overseas Filipino Workers, the nation Israel, the environment, Christian missionaries worldwide and the economy. Glo, Jaemie, Zarah, John and I were assigned one each. Lance recognizing that I felt strongly for Israel handed me the chance to pray for her.

After that session, our “spaceship” reentered the atmosphere and hovered on the Philippines, our very own. Individually, we prayed for places around the country special to each of us, then we wrote the name of the city, town or province we prayed for on strips of Post-It’s and adhered them on a Philippine map pre-drawn on manila paper.

After this session I had to exit because I had to be with my old mother as it is her waking time:10:00 PM. she needs special care.  I surely missed the rest of the night, not to mention the sumptuous comfort foods cooking up in the kitchen; by our resident “chef” Nelson with Ate Charing assisting. But surely everyone had a wonderful time with the Lord and everyone… (fade out)…

Folks, as our verse on top exhorts us, when we pray, it’s a lot better to let go of our heartbreaks (I mean, even for that moment only). With a thankful heart let us do pray. Sure enough we have our share of trials but spare God the whines of a distraught son or daughter. When we approach His throne of grace, let us with child-like wonder gaze upon His holy face with a cheerful countenance for it speaks of our faith and reverence and trust in our God. Surely He sees our sacrifices and struggles; and seeing us with a heart of a child our prayers become sweet aroma that he enjoys. Let us crave to please our King and He being the wisest God will surely bestow lavishly all that he has meant for each of us.

Surely there were days of woe but picture this. A parent will surely fall in love again with his child who upon lengthy bouts of want and despair would approach his parent with a gaze of wonder and expectancy. Remember this: God never enjoys giving us hard times and heartaches. I believe those are necessary part of life and He feels for us. So as we come to Him, let us not whine and complain for He sees our travails all. Yes, rest assured. He sees them all.

Rather, like a lowly servant, invoke His heart with our utmost reverence and awe. And He will surely be delighted in us. Our prayer then becomes a sweet scent reaching past our ceilings and travelling into the very throne of our loving Father. Let us cross the line and pray with gratitude. I mean sincere gratitude. Let us never allow ourselves to wallow in self pity as we pray. It is like praying hopelessly . The Pilgrims offered their heartfelt faith and gratitude despite the exhausting conditions and growing death toll surrounding them in their time.

Let us come unto Him not with a whining voice or a hopeless heart. When we pray, pray with child-like wonder and expect great things from Him.

¤Notice: I call on you people to share here the blessings you received that prayer night by posting your comments here. Thank you. And here’s looking up to a blessed yuletide season.

EBC, and everyone out there, Thanksgiving is the seasoning that makes our prayers edible to God. -Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

Rainbow After the Flood

by Miss Elem Gale Letana


Large scale flooding in Metro Manila

The latest report from the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) at 6 a.m. Thursday (Oct.1)upped the number of fatalities to 277 from 246. The number of affected families has increased to 512,092 or about 2.5 million persons.

“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” –Genesis 1:3

The typhoon “ONDOY” really hit hard on many parts of Rizal, Marikina, Quezon City, NCR and many other places rendering many people homeless, helpless, hopeless. Here in Taytay, and Cainta and in nearby towns and barangays, the typhoon did much ruin. But through the dark night, the light of God’s Word shone brightly: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” –Romans 8:28. The crisis became an avenue for His children to let the affected people feel God’s love by providing them their basic necessities, donated by caring families and individuals. Most of all, Jesus Christ was shared to them.

Large volume of rain poured non-stop for six hours last Saturday (Sept. 26). This has been the worst storm yet since 1957 for the Rizaleños to experience. Families in the lowest-lying areas had to climb to the roofs to escape the onslaught of water.  Electricity was eventually cut, and clean potable drinking water became scarce. The resulting large scale dilemma made it so difficult for the rescue operations to reach all the families in need. Gyms and schools became relocation centers. Many people were either hurt, or missing, or have perished. Houses near creeks got badly damaged; some were even swallowed by the raging rivers. Most people recount that all they managed to save were the clothes on their backs.  The flood may have subsided, but left behind much mud, broken belongings, appliances and muddied clothes. And having to prepare food unconventionally for the lack of many things, children began to get sick. Many were panic buying and were afraid.  And a needful extensive rehabilitation of whole towns is at hand.


Muddy Aftermath

antsLast Sunday (Sept. 27) Emmanuel Baptist Church started organizing and distributing donated clothes, goods and food. Many opened their hearts and gave, not just their spare, but sacrificially gave for the needful ones. Many volunteers packed the clothing items and with it they included tracts so that in every plastic bag, they could not only receive good things, but also the great news – that Jesus came here to save us from our sins, to free us from the empty life and materialism of this world. Some prepared warm food that was distributed to many people. They also cooked for the manpower volunteers who, although tired in going to various places to distribute relief goods, still are full of strength each day. Some volunteered their vehicles to help transport volunteers and goods to reach various affected areas, disregarding the muddy and the rocky roads. Many prayed for their affected countrymen. All of God’s children were on their feet and although exhausted, find their strength from God who gives them immeasurable joy in serving others.


EBC Helping Hands

The typhoon spared no one; not the rich, not the poor, not the homeless nor the iron walled mansions. Even our brethren were affected by typhoon Ondoy.

Last Monday, as roads became accessible again by land vehicles, EBC set out to visit Delos Santos family, among others. The scene was heartbreaking. Kuya Raul was cleaning his muddied car alone. He had evacuated his family to a relative in Sta. Mesa, Manila. Saturday night, the water rose quickly, leaving them no choice but to climb the roof of their house to escape the flood. Sunday morning Kuya Raul managed to make a “balsa” (makeshift boat) for his wife and children to ride so they could wade to safer grounds.

In spite of everything, he still managed to help their old neighbors. But there was nothing that could have been done to save their house and their belongings from the destructive flood. The walls and floors were badly damaged. Mud covered the hallway. Their appliances, belongings and car have mud inside and out. Amidst all those things Kuya Raul still managed a smile knowing that God is there.

Cainta was greatly inundated. Although many of them were used to flooding, they were perplexed that the water rapidly rose up almost to the roofs of one-storey houses. Jesham and Saida Abellera live in this area (Gruar Subdivision near Junction); it is a blessing that they have a second floor where they managed to save their appliances but all their clothes soaked at the ground floor. By the time they had to return for them clothes, the water was already deep. They stayed on the second floor until Monday morning, and in order to get food from their store, one of them swam through their first floor. “ Nagpi-pray talaga ako nun.. Lord, sana po wag abutin ung second floor namin…kasi konti na lang talaga abot na kami…”(“I was praying then, ‘Lord, please don’t let the flood rise up to second floor level…’ as water was inching its way up to us”)-referring to the flood that was only about two inches from them. God answered their’s  and their brethren’s prayers. Not having any form of communication, EBC family entrusted everything into God’s hands. And God never fails those who trust Him, and the flood receded rapidly. As EBC checked on Jesham and her  family, they had enough supplies and were safe and sound. Although soaking wet and with massive cleaning chores at hand, they themselves are alright. Praise God!

Their area was one of the most affected places so the EBC family left food and donated clothes to them so they could redistribute them to the needy people in their neighborhood. EBC could only give so much relief goods and it seemed that no matter how many the items were, the number of people needing  them outnumbered the relief items.

“ Pls. pray for us hanggang dibdib na po ang tubig dito sa loob namin, sa labas lampas tao na po.” (“Please pray for us, the water inside our house is chest-high; and outside it’s way above people’s heights”). A text pass from BJ Pareno. They live in Vista Verde, one of the closely-watched areas over the radio and television; People there were surprised at the deluge. “ Nakatira kami dito for 24 years, this is the first time na nagbaha dito ng ganito” (“this <flood depth> is a first in our stay here for twenty-four years”), Mrs. Pareno said. Having a bungalow type house, they were not able to save their belongings, not even clothes. As flooding arose to alarming levels, they had no other choice but to move up to the roof, but the problem was that GrandMa and GrandPa may not be able to do the same.

…then God provides. As the need arises, God’s provision becomes more and more evident…

One of the neighbors who have second floors willingly accepted GrandMa while GrandPa ended up in another. Although apart during the storm, the Pareno family knew each of them were safe, and that the storm will eventually end. It was good that with the Pareno family were three visiting relatives. “Blessing din na nandito ung tatlo, tinulungan nila kami, pati sa paglilinis” (“It was a blessing to have these three, we had extra hands for clearing up the messes”) Mrs. Pareno referred to three relatives who came recently to look for jobs, but maybe it was God’s way of providing in advance the help that they would eventually be needing. Like everybody else, they tried to save some of their belongings. “Noong una ang iisipin mo ‘yung gamit, pero pag hanggang dibdib na ‘yung tubig, ang iisipin mo na lang iligtas ‘yung buhay mo,“ (“Instinctively, you would think of saving things, but seeing we are in a chest deep flood, you realize that life matters most”) Mr. Pareno said as he related his attempt to save some of the fruits of his labor, their belongings. “Lahat ng tao dito back to zero,” (“Well, everyone here may be restarting from scratch,”) added Mr. Pareno. But despite all losses, they are happy to see each of them safe, and they know for sure that God will help them through all this.

Aside from the brethren mentioned above, these families were also greatly affected: the Baiya family at Cabrera Road, Yepez family at Finestra, Ate Trudes and her mother at Marikina and their relatives in Greenland, Lat family at Brgy. San Isidro, Dingal Family at Sto. Nino, Mondragon Family in Rosario and some others.


Kids having their fill

ants in action

Cheerful A.N.T.S. Clean Up


Ate Charing with the EBC A.N.T.S.

Families at Floodway were also in the same predicament. The house church of Emmanuel Christian Fellowship was not spared by the flood. Glenna’s house was destroyed and so was Regine’s (they are both young people of ECF).  After the incident their homes and belongings need to undergo massive repairs.

Let us do whatever we can to help out our dear brethren. If we can, let us encourage them, help them out in their needs, and pray for them. Being one family, we can carry each other’s burdens and make things a lot easier and bearable.

Some of the other visited places were: Rowenas, Cabrera, Finestra, Floodway and Gruar. They were given clothes with tracts and warm food pre-packed in plastic bags. But majority of these restless people are still in need of Christ.  Their present condition here on earth may truly be depressing but without knowing Christ, theirs is a far more wretched and pitiful end.

As EBC carried and gave away those relief goods, in their hearts they prayed that they would also know our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.


relief goods
People Gather Around Kuya Bong’s Vehicle for Relief Goods


"Boodle fight" after an exhausting relief operation

"Boodle fight" after an exhausting relief operation


Donations of clothes, goods, foods and finances are on-going. Manpower volunteers are also needed, since much repairing and cleaning should be done. If you would like to help or participate, you could approach Pastor Roi or any of the Young Adults (PSALMS). Many belongings were lost, and our countrymen are yet to recover from the lashes of typhoon Ondoy. Yet, Jesus Christ, the Lord of all calms our hearts amidst the storms; and reminds us that He is always in control of everything,

“ Fear thou not; for I am with thee; be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” – Isaiah 41: 10



For inquiries:


Emmanuel Baptist Church

Geronimo cor, L. Wood St.

Bgy. Dolores, Taytay, Rizal


Tel: 02-284-0096


Pastor Roi Cruz

EBC Senior Pastor


Mobile: +63918-467-8211


To donate:

Account Name: Emmanuel Baptist Church of Taytay

Account Number: 5783295093

BPI Family Bank Taytay Branch


God bless you.

Family Sunday @ the Domingos; Boy Meets Girl Banquet @CFBC

The domingo Couple with the EBC Family

The Domingo Couple with the EBC Family

22 February 2009: The  Family Sunday was held at the Domingo Residence at Maharlika Hills.

Afterwards, our youth (ANTS & PSALMS) transferred to CFBC. Kris writes…

Youth Dinner Fellowship

Youth Dinner Fellowship

The youth of Emmanuel Baptist Church were invited by Calvary Fundamental Baptist Church for a banquet entitled BOY MEETS GIRL. It was held at CFBC. The program started at around 7:00 in the evening and ended at 10:00 pm. It was a night of worship, fellowship, fun, good food, and of course God’s Word.
The speaker was Pastor Mike Menez and he talked about building a lasting relationship. The invitation was also extended to the young adults as well.

To see the complete set of photos, please click here.

Post written by Miss Kris de Jesus

Dr. Manuel Badar, Sr. Goes Home


Rev. Manuel Badar, Sr. with wife, Mrs. Charita Badar


Christmas Day, this man of God went home to be with his Creator. Besides being a former President of the Baptist Bible Seminary & Institute, he was also an honorary member of this church. Our prayers go with the family as they will surely miss his presence. We praise God for a life well-spent for the Lord’s ministry. 

And we thank you, Dr. Badar.

(Update: Rev. Badar’s remains will be arriving 14 January 2009;)

The Art of Thanksgiving

    by Calvin Miller
    Someone once remarked that the worst of all possible moments for an atheist is to feel truly thankful and have no one there to thank. Most Americans are not actual atheists, but they may be practical atheists. An actual atheist has no God to thank. A practical atheist has a God to thank, but never thinks of doing it.  

    In the Broadway musical Annie, the stock-market-rich have been reduced to poverty by the crash of ’29 and the resulting depression. These souls loiter around the streets lamenting their poverty and blaming Herbert Hoover for the depression. They sing their political blasphemy, “We’d like to thank you Herbert Hoover . . . you made us what we are today!” Whether or not Hoover can be blamed for the depression is questionable. But the song points to an interesting truth: We are never most thankful when we are surfeiting in the good times. We usually get serious about thanking God when we have very little. The destitute are typically better at saying grace than the wealthy. So maybe if times are a little harder this Thanksgiving we ought to thank the Lord.

    1998 has been a bad year for international economics. But Thanksgiving is a good time to remember Ephesians 5:20, that we are “… always to be giving thanks to God for everything,” – yes, even the hard years. When we learn to thank Him for the hard times, then Thanksgiving may once again focus on God. Until then we will likely only enjoy His bounty and never acknowledge the source of it.

    manprayThanksgiving became a national holiday at a time in American history when Americans were prone to see their rich country – and their good fortune to be born in it – as a direct gift from God. They spoke of the heritage of the Pilgrims who gathered after the first harvest to thank God for the bounty that was theirs. According to tradition, their good friends the Indians brought turkeys and venison and together they enjoyed a great feast in primitive Massachusetts.

    Turkeys by the millions now die in November and pudgy Americans (at least 76 percent of us are overweight) will snore with the television remote control rocking on their stomachs, having fallen asleep watching the gridiron gods wrangle out their contests in noisy bowls of Astroturf. But who received thanks for the good life?

    America is proof that the blessings of God can wean us from remembering the necessity of God. When God blesses a nation with abundance, the people are not prone to love Him, but to love only His abundance. When He dumps on loads of material things, they don’t typically become believers or thankers, but mere materialists.

    So Americans come once more to Thanksgiving without giving thanks. The world around us is in agony this Thanksgiving. Collapsing economies have struck the impoverished world with hunger and privation. America remains a lone island of prosperity in a world of dying nations. Will the death and privation beyond the ocean moats eventually force us to taste the pain? Will our nation, which has had too much, come at last to need the God it never saw above the mounds of His abundance?

    Maybe this Thanksgiving our nation ought not hear the 100th Psalm. Maybe we ought to read the fourth chapter of Amos and ponder “could it happen here?”

    I gave you empty stomachs in every city

    and lack of bread in every town,

    Yet you have not returned to me, 

    declares the Lord. (Amos 4:6)

    Could it happen in America?

    Well, it happened to Israel. Once rich and powerful, she became a conquered and starving nation. Only when all her resources were depleted did she learn to say, “Thank you, God!”

    But His children also are too often thankless. One can only suppose that God must feel betrayed as the Father who gave everything to His children, only to have His children turn from worshipping Him to worshipping the things He gave them. Little wonder that Shakespeare’s King Lear laments, “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth to have a thankless child.”

    Consider the deprivation of our Christian brothers and sisters in vast human fields of Asia or Africa. In these lands where material things are less abundant, Christians seem more possessed of joy and more prone to real thanksgiving. Then ask yourself, “Is it abundance or need which teaches us the grace of gratitude?” When we see His gifts in the little things, we will be more likely to think of Him in our times of continual abundance.

    The art of Thanksgiving is not a matter of how much or little God gives us. This art is learned only at the threshold of our need for Him and His gifts. Let Habakkuk be our counselor this Thanksgiving:

    Though the fig tree does not bud

    and there are no grapes on the vines, 

    though the olive crop fails

    and the fields produce no food,

    though there are no sheep in the pens

    and no cattle in the stalls, 

    yet I will rejoice in the Lord,

    I will be joyful in God my Savior. (3:17-18)

    Calvin Miller is a professor at Southwestern Seminary.


    Pasted from <>


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