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    Everything here is at the experimental stage. I mean, everything is editable, even replaceable; the skin or background template,  the fonts, the header,  the layout,  and all gadgets. So please bear with us as we are still figuring things out.   In the meantime, pls. send all EBC related pictures you may want to share with everyone. Send them to me (initially, I will be doing the groundwork for building this site; eventually, many others will be working hand-in-hand to maintain this site or its replacement) via email at You may even hand us your hard copies and we will figure out a way to post them in this site asap.   
    FYI: Here are the prospective contents of our site: (We will appreciate help from everybody. Should you have anything to contribute, feel free to help out.)
    Our Mission Statement 
    Pastor Roi Cruz’s Profile 
    Pastor Roi’s Family 
    Different Organizations 
    Church Activities/Schedules 
    Our Constitution 
    Roster of Members/Details/ 
    Our Board of Trustees 
    Our Board of Deacons 
    Church Workers 
    Church Officers  
    Wall (if possible) 
    Prayer Items/Requests 
    Cartoons and Fun Pages 
    Job Opportunities 
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