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MOMS & DADS Retreat


October is Prophetic Month

PalakasANTS AMAZING RACE 2 (please see their poster on today’s bulletin) passed by our home (as one of its Pit Stops) and serenaded Inay and cleaned around the house. Thanks a lot. That was just awesome!! Wanna do it again soon? Just kidding. I’m sure someone will be able to share the entire event some time soon. Go, ANTS! To God be the glory!

EBC Bids Summer Goodbye

The EBC Family had an awesome time at KC Resort yesterday. Such a ¬†fun way of saying “Adieu!” to the summer. We thank the Lord for a wonderful Summer Moves¬†2012! Praise Him!

EBC Summer Culminates/ It’s Back to School

The EBC Summer Moves culminates as School Year opens this month. It’s back to school, kids. Have a blast.

Halfway through EBC Summer

summer waves

EBC Summer 2012

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