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Pasko 2012





A blessed Yuletide Season to one and all! Let’s remember to thank our God for giving us the most priceless gift we can ever receive: His Son and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas!

16 December Worship




Christmas Month is Praise Month







October is Prophetic Month

PalakasANTS AMAZING RACE 2 (please see their poster on today’s bulletin) passed by our home (as one of its Pit Stops) and serenaded Inay and cleaned around the house. Thanks a lot. That was just awesome!! Wanna do it again soon? Just kidding. I’m sure someone will be able to share the entire event some time soon. Go, ANTS! To God be the glory!

July is Prayer Month

Oops, the article from last month’s Doctrine theme just got concluded here. Actually, I condensed it a lot; and I encourage you to read the article in full at Please click here to read it. It’s rainy season; keep yourselves dry. God bless.

Happy Father’s Day!

Resurrection Sunday

Join us as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. Our worship service starts at 5 AM.

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