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EBC Salmo Chorale presents

Very sorry peeps, this is a late late post. This concert was presented July 21, 2013. Thanks for dropping by; God bless you.

Remembering YooHoo!

Yuhoo's Memorial Servicep1

A very special Sunday afternoon was had by the EBC Family. We celebrated the life of an endeared soul, Mrs. Leonisa Zapeda Nidea, 1921-2011; more affectionately known as “YooHoo.” She has been a source of blessings to the people who have crossed her path. Her winning personality and positive outlook drew people towards her. Many are indebted to her generosity and acceptance. A very simple but very cheerful woman, she had her large and many circles of influence. People in her community, her relatives, her immediate neighbors, public servants,  and her church family were so blessed to have experienced her cheerful spirit and generous snack servings. Yes, she’s prepared a variety of meals and snacks every day of her life. Many people counted on her to give them a cheerful and sweet respite in their daily grind. She would pass by and work would temporarily stop in local sash factories, in dress shops, in homes, and construction sites. She would be assisted by her adoring customers in lowering her overflowing “bilao,” a large round bamboo-woven carry-all atop her head, and her heavy rattan basket filled with rice cakes and maja blanca, and buchi, among others.  And then they would cheerfully choose their personal picks among her selections. She’s won many hearts in her lifetime; not just because she is a wonderful cook and food server but because of her heart and life. She would brighten any one’s day in an instant. She possessed a god-given wonderful, positive, and energetic personality.  The Lord has made a wonderful job indeed for creating her and for being IN her heart too. So she leaves us with a hope that life is not an unfair game that’s impossible to conquer. She left us with some clues on really enjoying and winning in life. Some of which we know, knowing the Lord Jesus not just as Lord and Savior, but as a Friend who would always be on our side and would always see us through everything. That’s a no brainer, “if God is on our side, who can be against us?” So we could always look forward to every new day and may choose to see life in YooHoo’s eyes.

Yuhoo's Memorial Servicep2

In this programme bulletin, Pastor Roi also wrote a brief tribute to this wonderful woman, Nanay Luning, a.k.a. “YooHoo!” Amen to your life of blessings, YooHoo!

The Danger of False Teachers

Excerpts from the article:

~Bill Crowder, Associate Bible Teacher, RBC Ministries


What is the biggest threat to the church today? Do the most serious dangers lurk in the culture? Or perhaps somewhere closer to home?

One of the shortest books of the Bible gives us an answer to those questions. Jude, the 26th book of the New Testament, sounds an alarm about false teachers repeated in His last words to the church (Rev.2:1-3:22).

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