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July is Prayer Month

Oops, the article from last month’s Doctrine theme just got concluded here. Actually, I condensed it a lot; and I encourage you to read the article in full at Please click here to read it. It’s rainy season; keep yourselves dry. God bless.

EBC Gives Thanks

Prayer for the Philippines

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” -Phil. 4:6

Our church theme for the month of November was Prayer. On the final Sunday night, we had our Midnight Prayer meeting in place of our usual Vesper. It naturally geared towards thanksgiving. It was a very relaxed evening (we had all the time since it had to last till midnight). Events like these are very conducive to really go into the depths of details and to savor every bit of blessing as moments pass slowly.

Songs were sung, led by brother Lance. The night was planned to cover every facet of the sphere of the EBC family. Although this time, the route started from outer space so to speak.  😉

Elem and Jeda, our mass media ladies, armed with Google Earth searched for this planet (really) and  accidentally dove right in and zeroed in on the Philippines. But Lance remarked that they went past the first stop; so they zoomed out and hovered (for the second time) upon the planet, never mind the fiery reentry later, I thought.  😉

So we prayed for the vast concerns of the planet: physical, cultural, economic, political, and spiritual.

Afterwards, a call was given by Lance for testimonies. And several persons, including yours truly did not waste much time to take the mike and share our minds and our hearts’ content.  Kuya Nani, Bro. Ramil, and me grabbed the opportunity to spill out our welling hearts. I even remarked I may be speaking a lot longer with the consent of Pastor Roi (and got an affirmative nod) since we had a long night ahead of us. But of course, in the back of my mind, I would rather not bore people into too much detail so I barely scratched the surface of my heaps of blessings. Then, back on my seat, I knew I missed sharing a lot of other great blessings. But there will always be opportunities coming up later anyway. Next time I will start off by thanking quite a number of individuals inside EBC who became channels of blessings to me personally.

The night was young and at this point we prayed for special concerns. I remembered our group, the PSALMS  (Young Professionals) converged at the admin office and prayed for Overseas Filipino Workers, the nation Israel, the environment, Christian missionaries worldwide and the economy. Glo, Jaemie, Zarah, John and I were assigned one each. Lance recognizing that I felt strongly for Israel handed me the chance to pray for her.

After that session, our “spaceship” reentered the atmosphere and hovered on the Philippines, our very own. Individually, we prayed for places around the country special to each of us, then we wrote the name of the city, town or province we prayed for on strips of Post-It’s and adhered them on a Philippine map pre-drawn on manila paper.

After this session I had to exit because I had to be with my old mother as it is her waking time:10:00 PM. she needs special care.  I surely missed the rest of the night, not to mention the sumptuous comfort foods cooking up in the kitchen; by our resident “chef” Nelson with Ate Charing assisting. But surely everyone had a wonderful time with the Lord and everyone… (fade out)…

Folks, as our verse on top exhorts us, when we pray, it’s a lot better to let go of our heartbreaks (I mean, even for that moment only). With a thankful heart let us do pray. Sure enough we have our share of trials but spare God the whines of a distraught son or daughter. When we approach His throne of grace, let us with child-like wonder gaze upon His holy face with a cheerful countenance for it speaks of our faith and reverence and trust in our God. Surely He sees our sacrifices and struggles; and seeing us with a heart of a child our prayers become sweet aroma that he enjoys. Let us crave to please our King and He being the wisest God will surely bestow lavishly all that he has meant for each of us.

Surely there were days of woe but picture this. A parent will surely fall in love again with his child who upon lengthy bouts of want and despair would approach his parent with a gaze of wonder and expectancy. Remember this: God never enjoys giving us hard times and heartaches. I believe those are necessary part of life and He feels for us. So as we come to Him, let us not whine and complain for He sees our travails all. Yes, rest assured. He sees them all.

Rather, like a lowly servant, invoke His heart with our utmost reverence and awe. And He will surely be delighted in us. Our prayer then becomes a sweet scent reaching past our ceilings and travelling into the very throne of our loving Father. Let us cross the line and pray with gratitude. I mean sincere gratitude. Let us never allow ourselves to wallow in self pity as we pray. It is like praying hopelessly . The Pilgrims offered their heartfelt faith and gratitude despite the exhausting conditions and growing death toll surrounding them in their time.

Let us come unto Him not with a whining voice or a hopeless heart. When we pray, pray with child-like wonder and expect great things from Him.

¤Notice: I call on you people to share here the blessings you received that prayer night by posting your comments here. Thank you. And here’s looking up to a blessed yuletide season.

EBC, and everyone out there, Thanksgiving is the seasoning that makes our prayers edible to God. -Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

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