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15 September

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07 April 2013

April is our Gospel and Evangelism Month.apr07 copy apr07pg2

26 Agosto 2012

12 Agosto 2012

AWANA Talents Night

The AWANA Talents Night.

Last Sunday, we were given a nice treat by the AWANA  boys and girls as they showcased their budding talents in the music and arts, thanks to their very supportive and dedicated mentors led by Miss Zarah Espelita.

The kids gave their all in singing solo, duet, trios and groups.

Several boys accompanied the singer/s by playing the instruments; on piano  was Alain Macayan, on guitar was Biboy Santillan, and on the chime was Dexter Rulona.

Well, I am not good on details, but suffice it to say that it was a very light and fun evening; even full of blessings as we were all smiling all through the program seeing and hearing our upcoming musicians as they sang and played instruments.

Kudos to the AWANA Teachers and Staff for guiding and training these kids to become future Christian leaders in the church and their respective fields.

All praise and glory be to the Lord, Amen.

For images of the event, do click here.
Pictures courtesy of Mr, Jek Letana. Thank you, Jek! 🙂
And thank you, AWANA Kids! God bless you.

Around the World with the P.S.A.L.M.S.!

Christmas Party 2009

The pix say it all. Click the link to see how immensely these peeps enjoyed the Christmas Party. By the way, Christian and Elem bagged the grand prize for Best Costume.

(Special thanks to Miss Erma Selga for the link.)

Enjoy the album here.

Sa Yahweh Concert

Yahweh Poster copy

In behalf of EBC, I am cordially inviting everyone to come and join us as we, the EBC SALMO Chorale sings the Lord’s praises among others.
This will be a 3-part concert, we’ll be singing English praise songs for our Lord on the first part; on the second part we’re singing some lovable Filipino folk songs (some of which we rarely hear being sung). And on the final part, we sing all-Pilipino Christian music.
Come and let us praise the Lord together. See you!

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