“One Way God said to get to Heaven,
Jesus is the Only Way.”

Sixteen hours of travel is nothing compared to the joy of sharing the Gospel of Jesus to the people of Oas, Albay Bicol.

Due to traffic, the arrival of the PSALMS (Professionals & Singles Active for the Lord’s Missions) was delayed, the supposedly 2:30pm
DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School) started at 4:00pm. The children arriving as early as 11am waited patiently for their teachers and
welcomed them with their smiles.


Ate Tess invited them and warmly welcomed them to her house. She prepared delicious food for them. She also invited the people and children around their neighborhood two weeks before the event. When asked why she was so eager, she said that much time has been wasted before, back then when she did not know Christ yet, so now, she wants to give all that she can for God.


Three lessons were taught (Cain & Abel, the Prodigal Son & Naaman’s healing) that mainly instilled in the minds of  children that we
cannot be saved by our own ways, but only through Jesus Christ.


The children also made some Arts & Crafts about the Bible Story.


Memory Verses and Songs were also taught to them.


They also had fun with the Games prepared by the game masters and they also had their merienda.


Before and after each class, there was an Assembly. Stories pointing to Salvation through Jesus Christ were told to children.


Preparations were made for the upcoming graduation. Donations received from helpful people / organizations were used to buy school supplies, some candies and biscuits for the children.


After 3 lessons, the Graduation was held. The children invited their parents / siblings / relatives to the event. Ptr. Jo Blasco shared the
Gospel to all who came by using an illustration (handkerchief and a rope). When Ptr. Jo invited all who want to accept Jesus as
their Personal Savior and Lord to come in front, children and adults alike responded. These souls accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts and into their lives.


Each class also had a presentation of what they learned in DVBS. Afterwards, the names of the graduates were called, as well as
those with special awards. Hot and delicious sopas was served to celebrate the graduation.

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Aside from the DVBS, they also held two nights of film showing. While waiting for others to arrive, some tagalog songs were played. The children, although not knowing the lyrics, tried their best to sing along with the mp3. “The Journey Home” and the tagalized “Jesus” was shown. After each film, the Gospel of Salvation was preached and people were led to prayer. Before going home merienda was also served to the audience.


“When I heard the children sang on the film-showing, I was moved, even during the DVBS- I know that there’s something special about these children. Deep down in their hearts they are hungry and thirsty for God. They are the hope that in the future, in that place- there would still be those who would seek after God. And we are privileged to be part of this mission trip, to be a part of planting seed of God’s Word in their hearts. If only they could be followed up..” said one of the PSALMS during their testimony time.


Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” -Matthew 9:37-38

Let us continue to pray for the people of Oas, Albay Bicol. In behalf of EBC PSALMS, thank you for being a part of this mission trip by your prayers and support. Let us keep on preaching the Good News of Salvation to all people in every land.


(let's go back to the 80's) PSALMS 2012 Christmas fellowship with Ptr. Jezer Dignadice and Family.

(let’s go back to the 80’s) PSALMS 2012 Christmas fellowship with Ptr. Jezer Dignadice and Family.
the Salmo Chorale joins the Annual Coro et al Festival.

the Salmo Chorale joins the Annual Coro et al Festival.

Mid-Night Prayer Meeting

PSALMS Mid-Year Fellowship
(Professionals & Singles Active for the Lord’s MissionS)

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