Praise God for “Sa Yahweh” Concert Success

Yahweh Poster copy

Praise God! The concert was a success. I may be a bit biased here, being its director but there are people who can testify that it was one music event worth their time. So we give back the glory to our Lord and we laud the team spirit of the EBC family.

Our gratitude goes to the people who attended the occasion in spite of the rainy weather. The earliest of which came in a jeep-load and they were an hour early. We were vocalizing when I saw a jeepney arrive at the gate. They turned out to be brethren from Acropolis, Libis, led by the Vencer siblings, Raymond and Orville. Early birds, eh.

We managed to start on the dot!! At exactly 7:00, the music started and the choir entered the stage.  Was that neat or what?  I was just so glad that we did not miss the mark of observing the time.

For your viewing, (and for the credits) I am posting herewith the programme. And if you missed the event, please find the URL’s here for you to view song clips courtesy of Kuya Nelson Badar (our official videographer) at Jek Letana’s  YouTube account. But of course seeing and hearing them performed live would have been a lot better than watching these clips. But since you missed it, this is your best option to witness it. 🙂

Yahweh Prog1copy

Yahweh Credits

I laud EBC family’s “esprit-de-corps,” so to speak. People were so cooperative and willing to do chores for the event. Credits were printed on the bulletin, but to tell you, there are a lot more people who worked behind the scene with them. To the unaccounted-for folks, my sincerest thanks.

But of course, our greatest gratitude is to the One whom all these were dedicated to. We are worthless vesels picked up by Him, washed and prepared for His ministry. To the Lord be the highest praise!

Yahweh Prog2.jpg

Sa Yahweh ang Papuri!!

Watch some clips from this concert here.

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