Our Church Anniversary

The SALMO Chorale among others...

The SALMO Chorale among others...

25 January 2009:

It was a big, big day for EBC. The 31st Church Anniversary main celebrations started at 3:30 PM with the concert-style Musical presentations, by various individuals and groups. Brother Ramil sang a very beautiful Tagalog Classic “Itatawid sa Landas,” as it should be a reminder and a confirmation of the Lord’s enduring love and provision in these times of economic turbulence.

Songs were rendered. The EBC Heirs (Youth choir), the ServANTS Band, and the EBC Salmo rendered several songs one after the other as the history of EBC was flashed on the LCD screen and voiced over by Erma and Jireh. Pastor Roi exhorted the congregation midway through the series of musical numbers. There were other numbers rendered by Spencer, Lance, Juvy,  Janeil, Michelle and Philip.

By the way, we were favored to have as guest musicians three charming young ladies Cheryl, Debby and Rosanna. They all played alongside Juvy, Aerol and Bethel on the violins with the exception of Debby who played the cello, with yours truly on the baby grand.

We had the pleasure of the company of our daughter churches in Pateros, Binangonan, & Floodway, Cainta. A bountiful feast was shared by everyone afterwards.

"At Your Service" (The Appetizer/Dessert Table)

"At Your Service" (The Appetizer/Dessert Table)

Earlier in the day, Pastor Vincent Castillo preached the Word of God in our morning worship service and talked about the changes, times, and seasons.

Right after the morning worship, a baptismal service commenced in the church parsonage baptistry. New names were added to our roster and we praise God for that.

It was a day of rejoicing; a testament to the Lord’s faithfulness. Praise Him!


For the complete set of images, courtesy of Mr. Ghie Rivas,

please visit EBC’s Flickr account. Click here.

Please re-visit the site come March to see everything; Sorry for waiting.

Ok, as of today, 10March, all photos have been uploaded. Thanks for the patience.-mclat


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